Australia Projected

A look at Australia from the year 2030

This is a reflection on the world that Australia has come to know. Now, in the year 2030, times are a-changin'. In this country and continent once known for its koala bears, kangaroos and dingoes eating babies, nothing will ever be the same again.

Great Barrier Grief

Australia's prime minister, Tony Abbott is not one who is liked very much among us Aussies. The same man that said, "The argument [behind climate change] is absolute crap" in a formal interview with the Australian is also the man who runs our country. Here's another reason not to like him. In 2014, Mr. Abbott had decided to open up the already-at-risk Great Barrier Reef for oil drudging. This has absolutely destroyed what was left of one of the world's greatest wonders. Just as well, not only did this directly affect Australia, this also hurt us on a global scale. In response, UNESCO had condemned Tony Abbott for this poor decision to trade the environment for money, but that certainly didn't stop him.

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