The environment can make changes in a business. This benefits the location and the customers.  Here are some if the ways businesses can make a difference:

  • Businesses can make a difference in many ways for example they can use recycled materials instead of new ones because the new ones wastes energy. Also this can create pollution  in the air when creating new ones.
  • Another way a business can make a difference is by campaigning healthy things. This creates awareness and positivity around your environment, not only this is healthy people would become more involved is everyone else is doing it.
  • Also, a business can create other differences by re-using materials this is good for the business because they don't have to pay for a new ones and it creates less tension in the locations.
  • Another thing they can do is save electricity and water within the business because they are not wasting it and it and it is useful later on.  

The pros and cons:

This article is about a business going green, they are providing better energy, not wasting anything such as water and electricity.