Application of the Psychological Approach

Focusing on the way the character(s) think, act, and speak
"What forces motivate the characters?"

Cinderella Stories

Through various Cinderella stories there's always one character who is in a state of despair (loss of parents, lack of a certain trait, etc.) and there will be siblings and/or peers who will try to exploit them. In the end, the main character will have to go through some right-of-passage, get help from a magical source, or change themselves to achieve good fortune; royalty is the typical reward.

Oedipus Rex

Oedipus, his mother, and father are all given cruel fates. An oracle tells Jocasta and her husband that their son will kill his father and bed his mother. They take precautions to avoid this by tying the boy's feet and leaving him on a mountain (a servant does this). Oedipus grows up to hear the same story, only to head straight back home, unknowingly killing his father on the way. He becomes king by saving the city and a few years after that he exiles himself when he finds the truth.


Macbeth helps capture two traitors within Scotland and is given the title 'Thane of Cawdor' along with his current title as 'Thane of Glamis'. He and a friend, Banquo, meet three witches who inform Macbeth of his new achievement. The witches also tell he him he will be King. Macbeth goes forth to kill the current king (with help from his wife) and then sets to kill every person who suspects him for Scotland's downfall. One of the victims of his wrong-doings consults Macbeth in the castle and they engage in battle; Macbeth is beheaded.

Ace Attorney Series

Phoenix Wright works as a lawyer to help find the truth in each of his cases. His clients are almost always innocent, and he offers to defend him no matter how incriminating the evidence. He eventually looses his badge due to another defense attorney using forgeries in court. Phoenix fixes the crumbling court system and gains his badge back with the help of his childhood friend Miles Edgeworth.

Second and Sebring

Austin Carlile dedicated this song to his mother. She died in Sebring Ct. on 2nd Street. Ms. Carlile taught Austin a lot, he thought very highly of her, and knows that if he grieves too much it would go against what his mom wanted for him. All she wants if for Austin to be successful.

Alice: Madness Returns

Alice's Wonderland is plagued by the nightmares from when she lost her family in a fire. The characters are suffering too; some help her to try and purge the land while others try their hardest to break everything down. While coming closer to finding the one responsible for all the trouble, she slowly looses her sanity. Alice's therapist reveals himself to be the perpetrator and she kills him in order to take residence within her Wonderland.


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