Big Bad WOlf

Dear the Three little pigs,Why do you want to be mean to me i am just trying to make some friends?

why do you have to run away just from me and not anyone else that made me very lonely.I strongly believe that i am not a mean to anyone.I know that i can be mean but i am very lonely and i don’t have any friends but that doesn't mean that you can push, throwing things and laughing at me. I am always nice if people don’t be mean to me but i am always happy to play with anyone who let’s me play with them.please let me play with you please. Can we please be friends and have fun together please.

Firstly, i have heard that you are a great group of pigs and friends but why not to me just because i am a wolf? I have no family and i have no friends and i am a very very lonely wolf not even a real wolf would like to be with me because of i have no friends or family. Did you real have to be mean to me really.

I know that i can be mean but that is just because you were teasing me, throwing thing,and running away from me why?? can’t we be best friends and have fun together can we please i will never be mean even if i am mean come on. you guys am sorry for blowing up your homes but you were being very mean to me and i can get very angry when anyone is being mean to me. Can we please be best friends and have some amazing times together.

You know who won the argument can we please go and play and have the best time of our lives can we be bff please three little pigs. Fine you won what do you want from me tell me.

That is why i am not a bad wolf and come on let play and have fun agree please be friends forever please i am an amazing friend to have and the best tipper in hide and seek tip plus i am the best runner so we can do running races

To conclude, This is an amazing idea don’t you think three little pigs. Please be friends i need some friends i am a very lonely wolf. I am so so sorry for being mean to please i really mean it.

Big bad wolf

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