John Castellano of Pittsburgh - The Benefits of Energy Audits

When John Castellano of Pittsburgh founded Go Green Construction (GGC) with his wife Jennifer in November of 2009, he wanted to make money using his extensive construction experience and his wife’s knowledge of property management and creating energy efficient solutions for companies. Today, GGC provides companies with the best in green construction services, all designed to save clients money by reducing operating costs associated with energy usage. One way that GGC helps clients save on energy costs is with comprehensive energy audits. These audits quantify the total energy usage of all devices and systems within a company’s facility or campus and provide solutions to reduce costs.

Go Green Construction employs a team of energy auditors who use tested methods to accurately determine a given facility’s energy usage, broken down into all areas. GGC conducts many different scientific tests to create a roadmap of Energy Conservation Opportunities (ECO’s). These ECO’s give the client an idea of how they might radically reduce their energy usage and thus their operating costs. The best companies are those that use their resources well. Part of using resources well is using energy efficiently. The GGC team finds all the various ways in which a client can save money and energy, and presents a plan to fix all inefficiencies. John Castellano of Pittsburgh says that showing companies how going green can improve their bottom line has opened the eyes of many of his clients to the many positive possibilities of going green has to offer. He hopes to help many more clients improve their ecological footprint for years to come.