Leather Back Turtles

Leather Back Turtles are very large reptiles.


The Leather Back Turtle has a leathery, oily  skin with a big shell on the back. They have small, white spots on their shells.


The Leather Back Turtle's habitat is Northern and South America, Africa, Indonesia,

Malaysia, Mexico, Australia, and the open ocean.


Their shelter is coral, seagrass and the ocean. They don't have much shelter because they live in the ocean.

biological relationships

They prey on salps, seagrass, jelly fish and small fish.

Their predators are birds, Killer Whales, sharks and  mammals.

Life cycle

Leather Back Turtles have almost the same life cycle as other turtles. Most turtles are endangered. Their life cycle starts hatching from eggs, baby turtles enter the water, after they grow they can breed, then the turtle lays eggs on the same beach where it hatched from. The turtle life cycle then begins again.

   food chain

The Leather Back eats, salps, seagrass, jelly fish and small fish.


The Leather Back Turtle's biome is Tropic and Temperate Waters and warm waters

Interesting facts

There are about fifty thousand Leather Back Turtles left or less.They are the largest turtle and they can also stay under water for eighty five mintes.


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