Give Light
and make a

Give What?

The Luci Light is a inflatable solar powered light that can shine for up to 12 hours.   It can be collapsed to 1 inch thick and has 10 led lights.  It is waterproof and can illumate an area of 10 square feet.


Students at New Hope Academy in Kibera

This summer I will be visiting along with other groups students who attend New Hope Academy in the Kibera slum just outside Narobi, Kenya. These students (close to 500) are fortunate that they receive a great education and two meals a day through New Hope.  However, many of these students leave school each day and are faced with enormous trials brought on by their living situations.

One of these struggles is the lack of electricity.  According to most research only 20% of Kibera has electricty.


Our goal is to provide each student who is a part of New Hope Academy a Luci light.  Every day these students go home and face the challege of studying with no electricity.  The Luci light will help our students improve their education.

Why is that important?

Unlike the US education is not a right.  These students are amoung the priveleged of the slum.  During their 8th year they will take a test that will decide if they will be able to continue their education to high school.  These lights will allow their to be bettered prepared.

Education is an interal part of ending the cycle of poverty these children have been born in.  If we are going to make a lasting impact for cause of Christ in Kibera we must first meet their physical needs.

How to Donate

There are two easy ways.  

  1. Online Via Paypal account (just include Luci Lights for Courtney Schattle on the payment page)
  2. Checks made payable to New Hope Initiative ( I will turn them in)

If you would like anymore information about New Hope Academy or the ministry of New Hope Initiative  visit

Donations End: May 31st

Trip Date: June 7th