Kimberly Tabron

  • Self-Destructive Behaviors                                       Environment
  • - Drug, Alcohol & Tobacco use                                          - Exposure to lead
  • - Physical Inactivity                                                              - Sanitation
  • Genetics
  • Birth Defects
  • Family History
Elements of Wellness
  • Physical (Diet, Exercise)
  • Spiritual (Believe in a higher authority, Practice religious beliefs, Values & Ethics)
  • Emotional (Adjust to life changes, be optimistic, enjoy life)
  • Social (Affection, Communication, Honesty,Interaction with others, Loyalty)
  • Mental (Continue life-long learning, Learn from experiences, Use creativity to solve problems)

Practices That Promote Wellness

  1. Good Nutrition
  2. Physical Activity
  3. Health screenings & examinations
  4. Stress management

Good nutrition

  1. Food Groups
  2. Clean hands, surfaces, and foods

Stress Management (Body's Reaction to stress)

  1. Alter, Accept, Adapt to stress
  2. Body systems return to normal
  3. Fatigue Follows
  4. Repeated stress reactions cause disease

Complementary & Alternative Medicine

Chiropractic (Manipulation of the spine or other joints)

Herbal Remedies (Traditional  or folk medicine; commonly used CAM)

Massage Therapy (Manipulation of superficial layers of tissue; Pressure, Tension, Motion, Vibration)

Relaxation Techniques (Process that helps a person relax)

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