Rudolph Valentino

Latin Lover
May 6, 1895 - August 23, 1926

Rudolph Valentino was only 18 when he came to New York. He struggled with money doing odd end jobs such as dish washing and gardening. He then began dancing in nightclubs in New York.Rudolph Valentino was an Italian Actor who starred in many silent movies. He was influenced by one of his actor friends to try for movies in Hollywood. He got small parts in movies playing the villain due to his foreign look. In 1919 he married Jean Acker, his marriage with her failed because she was a lesbian. He got a big breakthrough with his acting for his role in "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse." Then with his role in "The Sheik" he became a superstar. Shortly after he fell in love with a woman named Natacha and married her before his divorce with Jean was finalized. He was later jailed for bigamist. His marriage with Natacha was short lived due to her dreams for fame. He starred in the movie "The Eagle" and "The Son Of Sheik." On the way to New York to have "The Son Of Sheik" publicizedhe collapsed with appendicitis and a ruptured ulcer. A week after surgery Valentino died of blood poisoning at the age of 31.

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