Mobifile Redefines What Inbox Means.

About a year ago, we started working on our startup Mobifile. At that time, it was just me and my best friend working day and night on a cool project. But today, it's a whole different story. Our team got bigger, and developed a fully functioned and beautiful product.  We created a great and innovative product which is a new kind of inbox. When you hear the word "inbox" today, you immediately think of email, or the new Google's inbox app. However, the Mobifile inbox is not just for mail - We redesigned and redefined what inbox means. With Mobifile you get all your personal and business information in one place - We put everything in its place!   You receive your email attachments, files people shared with you on Dropbox and Google Drive, photos your friends tagged you in on Facebook, and even photos your friends sent you on Whatsapp.

Mobifile is the one place where you go to see what new information did you get, and lets you free yourself from managing your emails, your files, your photos and your contacts. We do it for you!  And think about it, you don't need to switch between dozens of apps just to see a photo, or find a document. You can do it all from one place - Mobifile!

Our goal now is to get as many invites as we can, and to spread the word around the world - and for that we need you! So just press that button below to request an invite and share it with your friends and family.  

We'll be more than happy to hear what you think about our website, product and just if you want to ask me anything about startups, Tel Aviv, or sports :) Did I mention that I am an avid street athlete?  You can check my article on that too.


Illai and the Mobifile Team.

Mobifile - A New Kind of Inbox.

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