Important Milestone By The End of 1 Year

Before an infant becomes 12 months old, he or she will experience different milestones, or signs of development. Social, emotional, cognitive, language, movement, and hand and finger skills are the different types of development an infant should go through as they grow.

Examples of those milestones are shown below.

Social and Emotional, Infant Imitation
Cognitive, Infant Drinking from Cup
Language, Infant Saying "Ma-ma"
Movement, Infant Sitting Up
Hand and Finger Skills, Infant Bangs 2 Objects Together

If your child does not crawl, cannot stand when supported, does not search for objects that are hidden, learn to use gestures, or points to objects or pictures, you should contact your doctor and be sure to inform them of the behavior. Also, if the infant drags one side of his body while crawling, says no single words, or experiences a dramatic loss of skills he once had, be sure to alert the doctor of that as well.

Important Milestones By the End of 2 Years

Social, Excited by Company of Other Children
Emotional, Shows Defiance
Cognitive, Make-Believe Play
Language, Points at Object Named for Him
Movement, Can Walk Alone
Hand and Finger Skills, Scribbles on His or Her Own

If your child cannot walk by 18 months, fails to develop a mature walking pattern, does not speak at least 15 words, does not use 2-word sentences by age 2, does not seem to know the function of common household objects by 15 months, does not imitate actions or words, does not follow simple instructions by age 2, cannot push a wheeled toy by age 2, or experiences a dramatic loss of skills he or she once had, alert your doctor or nurse.

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