" I cannot do the all the good that the world needs but the world needs all the good I can do." Thanks to the advantage of technology that is "suppose" to be a good thing is also a bad thing because bad people are using it for their advantage. The problem of the world is that they ignore everything and don't care, but in the other hand the good people all of the world are trying to make a change.                                                                               

People know the problem or that nothing is going to change but thats not right because good people try to make that change.the government thanks to the information of the narcos in mexico they try to have one step ahead. For example people that see all the kids in Africa they say what can do? Do not ask this questions act try to help them by recollecting money for them or try to do something that you think is going to be produvtive to help others. this is one way you can try to help others and don't just thing about your self.

Also kids see every day that theres more pollution in earth so they get ideas in order to cange it. One way thy help is by planting plants and recycleling things in order to reuse them later.  Imagine kids know a days are trying to change the world by helping people. So you wnat to put a good example to your kids try to help the worl and what can be right or not. yea many people would say that even do your trying to do something good if there going to be bad people that will try to stop the things your trying to do.

I hope that thanks to the three reasin I explain to you will have an impact on you and you will try to do something to have a better way of living.

Scholarship Persuasive Essay

Letter of recommendation.

to whom it may concern:

I will like to recommend Daniel Rodriguez for general manager for the patriots or Celtics, Daniel first started to work with us when he was barely starting to look for a job. we hired him and it was one of the best decision we have mad. Thanks to him the giants and the Lakers have made it to the play offs.

The first year he dicide it to train the lakers that year was one of the best years thanks to all the techniques he was triying to help  the offense and the defense. when they made it to the finals he all ready had all the good techniques he had been working on. he work for three years and then he dicide it to train the giants. 1995-1998

when he move to the train the giants the first two years where bad for him, but the next season he deicide it to make the team young he look at every college best pleyers and he try to sign a contract with them, his skill of training became better and many coaches are now trying to copy his method. 2000-2005

Thanks for your time and if you decide to hired  Daniel Rodriguez  is going to be the best decision.


Alonso Banos.

letter of intent

Alonso Martin Banos

1111 sup street

somewhere around here.

mechanical engineering                                                                                                        in somewhere around the future in a very cool place.                                                     sup city, 1112

dear future boss:

I have been working in mechanics seen I was little by creating or fixing remote control cars. I have some skill with brainstorming creating drawings and try to create a proto type for the things im working on. Also I know how to work with other people and try to have lessening skills. I started when I was eight with one remote control car I had in mind I put pieces from other car in order to create a dream car. This are some of the skill I have.

what im trying to do in this job is getting all cars that someone has forgot or don't remember the model I will get it and try to make it to have more or the same techno the new cars have. Also I try to create one of the first robots to  help old people or people that can do much. This is mostly what im trying to get this job and I hope you like all the Ideas I have in mind.


Alonso Martin Banos   


Alonso Martin Banos                                                                                                     2011-111-2222                                                                                                                    1235 supstreet av

Aztecman@sup.com                                                                                                           faceboock.com/aztecman

Objective                                                                                                                             To obtain a professional career in mechanics or or robotics.

Education                                                                                                                              Dr. green elementary, sun ridge, Pebble hills high school to present

I have work with cars during the summer and I have been working with electronics by making cool stuff and I know how to brain storm and where to keep my ideas.

I know how to work well in teams and know all the things you need to do for building new stuff. I know all the measure angles things that id needed to have.