5 Tips For Online Safety

By Blake Leiting

     I have created a tackk about internet safety because I want to help out the world from the dangerous world on the internet.

Tip Number 1- Privacy

    Tip number one is about why you shouldn't post your personal information.  You should not put your personal info online is because the are Online Creeps out there that will do anything in the world to find out where someone lives or about you so they can find you and kidnap you.  So you should put privacy settings on your social media.  Now lets move on to the second tip.

Tip Number 2- Don't Talk to Strangers

     We all know that saying, "Stranger Danger."  Well I want to talk about strangers and how to never talk to people you don't know online.  They might seem friendly and say that they are your age and all but in real life they could be a 13 year old like they say and be one or they could be a 40 year old creep.  So to be safe ignore the message and tell a adult.

Tip Number 3- Saving Messeges

     If someone that you don't know texts you or IM's you and don't know what to do I got the thing for you.  First of all when that person texts you just ignore it.  Later on though, the person is still trying to talk to you the you need to save a message(s) and report it to an adult that you trust.

Tip Number 4- Don't Download Viruses

     Every once in a while there might have something pop up on your computer that says, "Please download this to do something."  Well a good chance is that is a Virus and could mess up your computer real bad so if something like that pops up on your computer you must press the no button so it does not set a virus in your computer.

Tip Number 5- Ask For Parents Permission

     Before you every try to create an account online, you should always ask your parents first because some sites might be bad and you don't want to go onto a bad site.  So it is good if you ask your parents to go on it first to see if it is safe.

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