Panic Disorder- Helen Cave

Facts about Panic Disorder

  • What is the characterization or definition of your mental illness? A psychiatric disorder in which debilitating anxiety and fear arise frequently and without reasonable cause.
  • How many people are affected by your mental illness? Panic Disorder affects 6 million American adults and is twice as common in women as men.
  • How can someone tell if they have your mental illness?It starts to interfere with relationships, schoolworks, employment and  normal development.
  • What treatments exist to treat your mental illness? The cause of most Panic Attacks is not clear, so treatment may be different for each person, but psychotherapy such as cogritive- behavioral therapy relaxation, and/or medication  are often used to help relax a person with a Panic Disorder.
  • How can people get help for the treatment of your mental illness? Most specialists agree that a combination of cognitive and behavioral therapries are the best treatment for Panic Disorders.
  • What resources are available to help gain knowledge about your mental illness? The website called and reading books about Panic disoreders. One great book about Panic Disorders is called ''Panic Disoreder: The Facts.
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