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The wallay is a small animal. Thus animal is a marsupical just like a kangaroo it has a pouch. There are about 30 difforent speices of wallaby. They enjoy eatting grasses, fruits, seeds, and leaves from small trees. All the difforent breeds can be named for whe they live or even size. Even though they are a smaller animal some have been known t get up to 6ft tall.

Wallabys can be great pets for owners whho are devoted t there animal. They can be very friendly if raised corrected at birth. If feed from a bottle from a young age they will get confortable very easy. If not they will become very scared and shy of you. they grow at a rate of about 20grams every 10 days. They have been known to live for about 12-15 tears in captivity but only avrage 7 in the wild. If you are thinking about breeding this animal  make sure you know what you are doing. Make sure you have a vet familiar with the animal. Have enough space and know your facts.

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