Sui, Song, and Tang Dynasties

The green area shows the Sui Dynasty, the red lines show the trade routes and the blue dotted lines show the grand canal.

One of the greatest achievements during the time of the Sui, the Tang, and the Song Dynasties was the construction and completion of the Grand Canal. The Grand Canal is a large waterway that was originally used to connect the different parts of the empire in order to make trading and accessing resources easier. If you click on the photo above, it will take you to a website. Scroll down until you find the section beginning with "On paper the Grand Canal" and read that section to find out more about the Grand Canal's origins.

These are some of the achievements that came out of the Song and Tang Dynasties. The Song Dynasty is known mainly for its porcelain and is also known for creating movable type printing (printing blocks could be moved around to form different words). The Tang Dynasty was skilled in making tiny ceramic figurines that were placed in tombs and for developing woodblock printing (a specific print would be carved into a piece of wood and would be used several times to print the same document). Both dynasties made good use of gunpowder by using it in fireworks as well as weapons.

Ancient Chinese culture was based mostly on trade. Chinese traders traveled from place to place using mostly the Silk Road as well as smaller land routes and sea routes.

Watch the video above starting at 1:28 and ending at 2:56 to learn the basics about the Silk Road.