Be in the forefront of exciting new technology and have a set of experimental aircraft engine monitors that are more advanced than anything in the market. Think how exciting it would be to compare notes with fellow aircraft owners and be able to point out that the aircraft engine monitors you have installed are far ahead of anything they have.

Take the Engine Data Management 740 Experimental System by JP Instruments (, for example, it is the most advanced and accurate piston engine-monitoring instrument available on the market today.

The EDM 740 Experimental, features Bright day-light display, enables you to scan and correct engine problems as soon as they occur and has a flexible screen display that allows the EDM 740 to fit almost any aircraft. The EDM 740 can be fitted just about any way you like into any horizontal, circular, vertical or even diagonal space available. All it needs is one small 3.125 inch circular hole. The faceplate measures 4.23 (h) by 3.195 inches (w).

Once fitted, simply boot up the EDM 740 experimental and hold down the white step button until you see direction arrow on the display. Select the appropriate direction for the display and the system will reboot with the new display orientation. The EDM 740 Experimental is so advanced that you can even swap button positions.

Exciting new features in the all new EDM 740 Experimental include LOP Default On/Off. So whenever the pilot chooses to fly in the lean fly mode, the pilot can choose between richer peak and leaner peak as the default start-up setting. The EDM 740 also features user programmable gauges so the user can not only decide which main gauges should be displayed but also set the order of display.

The EDM 740 from JP Instruments offers improved fuel economy, extends engine life and reduces maintenance costs. It allows you to accurately monitor the temperature of the exhaust gases which in turn is an indicator of the quality of the internal combustion in the aircraft engine. This in turn allows you to troubleshoot potential problems quickly.

During the flight, the EDM 740 experimental constantly redline checks all critical parameters so you can concentrate and flying the Aircraft Level Sensors and enjoying the flight. All functions are accessed by pushing or holding the white step button or the black leanfind button or two together.

At the top of the display, the EDM 740 displays both RPM and MAP data both digitally and graphically. The EGT and CHT bar graphs are located below the RPM and MAP data. Each bar graph will flash red if the parameter it measures exceeds pre-programmed limits. This brings the problem to the pilot’s instant attention and allows the pilot to make corrections in time. Cylinder numbers are digitally displayed below each bar graph. Concerned about the accuracy of each graph? The EGT and CHT numbers are also displayed digitally above each graph. For better reading, individual EGT and CHT numbers are also displayed in large font at the bottom of display. The pilot can even set the scan rates.

These are just a small selection of the numerous features that are available on the EDM 740 Experimental. So go ahead and replace your old gauge(s) with the latest in Engine Data Management from JP Instruments; the World leader in Aircraft Flow SensorsSystems.