By: Kaylynn Morson

Career Overview

  • They help people who are sick injured or have disabilities.
  • Licensed Practical Nurses work under the direction of a Registration Nurse or a Doctor.
  • Most LPN's provided bedside care for patients.
  • They take vital signs like temperature, blood pressure, respiration, and your pulse.

Career Skills and Interests

  • They express ideas clearly when speaking and writing.
  • Listen to others, understand, and ask questions.
  • read and understand work related materials.
  • They like to work in a non competitive environment.
  • Consider independence important.

Career Working Conditions

  • Have a high level of social interaction with patients.
  • Deal with people that are sometimes unpleasant.
  • Almost always work
  • Deal with people who may be physically violent or aggressive.
  • They are often exposed to diseases or infections when interacting with patients.
  • Sometimes wear safety attire such as gloves and mask.

Career Wages and Outlook

Wages are based on LPN's experience.

LPN's who work in home health care services tend to earn more than those who work in doctors offices.

Nursing homes will offer the most new jobs for the LPN's

LPN's seeking jobs in hospitals may face competition as the number of hospital jobs declines.

In Minnesota the wage is 19.25 but in the United States its 19.97.

Its also very high in Minnesota and in the United States.

Careers Related Occupations

Athletic Trainer


Massage Therapist

Dental Hygienists.

Program of Study- Licensed Practical Nurses

Program Overview

Many career and technical schools offer certificate programs in licensed practical nursing.

It includes topic s like patient care, patient health education, patient examination and treatment.

Programs in licensed practical nursing prepare people to work as LPN's or vocational nurses under supervision of a doctor.

Program Admission

Courses in high school that prepare you for college it typically includes 4 years of English, 3 years of Math,  3 years of social studies, 2 years of science.

High School courses that will prepare you for this program are:

Anatomy and physiology

Advanced Chemistry courses

Advanced Biology courses

Pre- calculus

Program Typical Course Work

Nearly all licensed practical nurses programs require you to participate in several clinical and laboratory rotations.

This undergraduate program typically includes these courses:

Advanced Practical Nursing

Nursing skills

Fundamentals of Practical Nursing


Clinical Skills/ Lab Practicum

Fundamentals of Practical Nursing

Geriatric Nursing

Medical Jurgical Nursing

Related Programs

Home Health Aides

Medical Assistants

Psychiatric Technicians

Schools that offer my programs of study

Bethany Lutheran College

Minnesota Sate University

College Choice
Minnesota State University - Mankato

College Info

Size and Location- MSU is located in Mankato, Minnesota and the size is about 13,650 undergraduate students that attend MSU.

Admission Requirements- The Deadline for it is on August 1st. Test required is that you need to pass the ACT with a 22 or higher.

College Expenses- Tuition, Room and Board is 7,558 and 7,368 average double room. Estimated Total Budget is 14,920. Application Fee, Deposits is $30 and has no deposits.

Housing- Resident Hall is a women and men dorms only. For the Food Plan they have 4 different plans.

Activities - Clubs and Organizations they have arts, film, and drama clubs. Greek life they have a lot of activities to have a better Greek Life. Athletics they have all kids of sports like Track, Softball and Basketball.

Informational Interview

The nurse that I interviewed was very knowledgeable in her profession, and it was a very clean working environment.  

A Employee Health nurses hours are Mon-Fri 730 to 4pm, but for most nursing staff the hours vary from shift work: days, evenings, and night shifts.

I like it that they work as part of a team to bounce ideas off one another. What I dislike about it is that you can get burnt out in this occupation.

Yes I discovered concerns about this occupation because of the career changes to keep employees healthy to reduce health care cost.

The advised I received was to have a high GPA requirements so you must keep your grades up.

Yes a wellness coordinator.

The work environment was very clean the people were very friendly and helpful.

Yes I would be happy because I would like to take care of the employees so they can take care of patients.

Plans to reach my goal

My plans are to keep looking and exploring for another options as well.