Mrs. Burton's First Grade Newsletter
Collaboration and Comminication

This year we will be using several tools to enhance our collaboration and communication experiences. Here are some.

- 81 Dash: This web based program is an online chat room created by the teacher. I will be able to set up the chat room and monitor all activity. We will be using this tool to collaborate with students in other first grade classes. Students will be given time in class to work on these collaborative projects, but will also be allowed to work from home.

-A.I.type: This is a web based typing aid. It works with all smart phones and ipads. It is free to download and great from young learner s and older students whose typing skills may not be that great. Just like the auto type on your smart phone that will spell the word for you with you only typing a few letters, so will this program. We will be using this tool this year to publish writings on the computer. Students will get a feel for writing a paper on the computer and then sharing that with peers without some of the frustration typing usually brings them.

- Awww: This is a white board app for iPads and smart phones. We will be checking out the school iPads from the media center frequently this year. This tool will allow students to show their thoughts using pictures and graphs, just as if they were showing them on a whiteboard. We will be using this to help us work through our word problems in math.

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