important empires

map of the Byzantine Empire


The Byzantine Empire formed in 476 AD and ended in 1453. The Emperor Constantine (of the Roman Empire) moved the capital of the empire to a town called Byzanthia, which he later renamed Constantinople after himself. The Byzantine Empire varies from the way of the romans in areas such as religion, language, and many others. The Main religion for the Byzantine Empire was Greek orthodox and the main religion for Rome was Roman Catholic (this difference in religion would later lead to the crusade) The Romans continued to speak Latin but the Byzantine began to use Greek. One of the most important contributions made by the Byzantine was their code of laws, Justinian’s code. This set of rules was based off the roman twelve tables and influenced our modern day laws. They are also famous for their beautiful art styles of mosaics which are pieced together from bits and pieces of materials. They also saved, and improved upon the Greek and roman culture and literature. The Byzantine heavily influenced Russia; in fact a ruler of Russia invited missionaries of all the major religions (Islam, Judaism, Greek Orthodox, etc.) And he would have chosen Islam until he found out he couldn’t drink so he converted to Greek Orthodox, becoming Russian orthodox.

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