The Darklights of Araia
Motto: Intenger volutatis tenebras lucem, sed veritas.(Darkness will help you see the light, the truth.)
By:Kailie Thomas and Sofia Hernandez

Flag of Araia

Flag symbolism:
Sun: Our citizens the Schuwls House
Moon Crescent: The Government
Star: The Morgan House
Yellow: Valor

  Araia's Constitution

Constitution of




The name of this country is Araia. The noble loyal people of this extraordinary country are called the Darklights of Araia.



This country’s purpose is to open up your mind for different possibilities and to see the corrupt ways of our enemies. We strive to maintain power evenly. We are always trying to keep our residents safe and sound at any cost. We will never be them. The goals for our country is to live in harmony between government and the people where both sides are fair and we are one. The communities will be the voice of the country and have the true power to decide the government.


Requirements of a citizen:

CItizens boast with pride of their country. They are who represent the country. We do not strive for a bad image but for a powerful influential image to our neighbors. We have morals and we respect the land and our peers. We seek for peace not conflict.

Citizen expectations: Be patriotic. We do not cause mayhem. If there is a problem, we seek it in a peaceful silent way.

The government needs the people to be the voice to improvise the country. That is how we work.


The leader of this great country is Lewis Schuwls. Schuwls opened our mind and made us who we are. He gave us a voice. He breathes of what is right and what is wrong. He built a conspiracy to run away from our past. Lewis has never lied to us. He is respected by the Araia people by his heroic tasks.

If you intend to change the country or provide your opinion into the country there will be requirements..(There are requirements to have a say in each house. To change or say something.) There will be 3 tests.

1)WST (Wisdom Schuwls Test) Which will test your knowledge. Of all 4 core subjects (mathematics, science,history and English.) If you pass with an 80 you advance into the next test.

2) CST (Citizen Satisfactory Test) The government will look into your past and see if you caused any trouble. If there's no evidence, you advance to the next test.

3)PT (Psychological Test) A test will prove if you’re sane.

Passing all tests will qualify you into voting. Along with your other fellow voters you can pass a law, if you win the ballot. You can only take this process of tests twice. No more. These tests are required.

We prevent to give power to the wrong hands.


There are 3 houses that divide the country of Araia.

The Government: The government provide a powerful image to our foreign neighbors. They have a right on when we need to go to war and send our patrols. They are the arms.

The Schuwls House: The Schuwls house consists of all Araia people who are over the age of 18.( and have passed their requirements) They are the law makers.

The Morgan House: The Morgan House keeps the economy stable. The house doesn’t let the money fall into the wrong hands.

With these criteria will will achieve greatness and luxury. We will not fall.


Each citizen has his/her alienable rights.

  1. No one can take away your alienable rights.
  2. No one can go into your property without a warrant.
  3. Guns are permitted if you have a license from the government house.
  4. You are not to cause conflict. You will work with your peers not against.
  5. You are permitted to vote after passing the tests.
  6. If you’re causing trouble that hurts an individual we simply ask you to leave. We choose where your destination will be. We will not provide you with vital supplies.
  7. Religions is permitted as well as freedom of speech,press,protest.
  8. Bribing a party member or any sort of interrogation with a party member is a crime.
  9. Any sort of foreign material that enters Araia will have to be confiscated
  10. You can leave the country if you have your passport and pass through our criteria. ( we prevent trouble.)


We advance in education than any other country. We have a prestigious education system.Primary(ages 3-7) Secondary ( ages 8-12) Supreme (ages 13-18). Education is mandatory, it can be a choice but it will affect you and your voice.

Education is free to anyone not until you reach the age of 18 you will have to pay an amount.

If you lack knowledge then that will affect you your WST ,to apply to vote. If people choose to not have a poor education they will have no professional job.


Our symbols are:

Sun: Our citizens The Schuwls House

Moon Crescent: The Government

Star: The Morgan House

Color Black: Patriotism

Color Yellow: Valor

Color Beige: Unity

Color White: Modesty

Color Grey: Courtesy

Color Red: Honer


Lewis Schuwls is our founder. He is who opened our minds and provided a solution to our problems. He taught us how to live as a human. How to work with each other not against.

He is why we live now.

   Our Figurehead:

   Lewis Schuwls

His characteristics and abilities:

Lewis Schuwls is trustworthy and breathes for freedom and equality. Schuwls opened our eyes of the corrupt ways of the government. He had the courage to gather and put his life at risk to make a conspiracy against the government. He is gentle and kind to his people. He wants the best of the best for them.

The Story Lewis Schuwls:

Lewis Schuwls knew the government was corrupt when he first learned how to read and write. Ever since in the back of his mind he dreamed of the word freedom. Years passed and Schuwls is now 35 years old. Living in hell. He had enough of seeing people suffer and die a slave. Over the past years Lewis risked his life of gathering up information of the government. He found out their dirty little secrets and was astonished and why no one has said anything or done anything at all. The people were scared! But Lewis was brave, he rather die than live another day under the governments laws. He told people of the government. He told what he saw. What he found and brought evidence into the busiest city streets. His feedback was not positive at all. He was dead man walking. He was threatened by both sides; the government and the people wanted him dead. Some people listened to him but were scared of what might happen to them. But he did have followers and those followers had followers.

The people who wished rebellion had hope and were ambitious to start a revolution. They just needed a cue on when to go and how to attack slowly the government. Schuwls was the cue; he was who kept the people going. He started small to finally breaking of the government’s wrath. He provided motivational speeches, posters, hope, and protests to the people. He escaped the hands of the government fleeing persecution with the help of his comrades.

Schuwls began a revolution and ended up a success. He changed the slums of the government. He believed of the word peace and helps us revolved around it. He is a peacemaker not a war maker. He wants what better for us. To see the light we had to bear the dark. Schuwls helped us go through that. He established the 3 houses for the country of Araria not to fall.

He has an aurora of peace and trust that radiates him. He finally had a glimpse of the word freedom, finally being able to breathe. He died sooner as the government finally caught him and executed him. The people were upset and backfired even more forming Araia.

He is remembered in our past and in our hearts.

Propaganda Posters

Poster#1: The government is portrayed as the iceberg. The outer surface isn't what you think it is. They're hiding beneath something foul.

Poster#2: Join the fight. See the truth of the disruption of the government. What they hide from you will turn you against them.


Torn by pride

Healed by trust

Fallen sides

Stand up of  defiance

Araia will rise.

Ministry of Love:

If our people aren't following our criteria, disobeying our rules and affecting our country on a negative way ,causing mayhem. There will be consequences. We are preventing a fall of our country and for corruption to flood our lands.

These consequences are determined by your cause. If it caused harm to our people,land, or the country. It is divided into three levels with three separate buildings. From the lowest of crimes to the highest of crimes. The crime levels is distinguished by the Schuwls House, and the government. The Schuwls house determine the level and punishment and arrange your court. The government as well arranges your court and actually do the action of punishment.

Level 1) You are taken to Building 1 were you are isolated in a room. With the sound levels low and the walls made out of cushion. Where you are kept there for a whole month

Not knowing the time and listening to your own heartbeat. Reflecting on what you did wrong. You will be only given a sheet of paper with the words “You did wrong.” repeated.

After your release you will be taken out and will be under supervision from now on.

Level 2) You are taken to Building 2. Your new home will be an iron maiden. And you will be led out into a room where you will be interrogated and asked questions about you disloyalty and change you back into the good citizen. You will be sprinkled twice a day by a lead sprinkler.(with whatever amount the officer wants) The sprinkling will stop if you show good progress but not the iron maiden cast.

Level 3)You are taken to Building 3. Where it holds long vast of land. You will be living here for now on. You will be water-board every 5 hours. The remaining of the time you will be force to do labor in the camp. Working in the mines and the poorest of jobs. The officers will then have hold of you and have the authority to do anything  to you. You can be assigned to stay there forever or will be released. But that is rare.

Our enemies reek of sin and corruption. If you think like they do , copying their motives,you are betraying your country and your people. They aren't who you think you are. They are liars and manipulative their people. Their streets show poverty and disease. The people scream of anguish and fear. Their government had us caged up like animals.We aren’t considered humans to them. Their torture ways are inhumane and cause excruciating pain. They don’t care for the people they care about their superiority and their wealth. They can care less about you.

We care about you. We have rules to prevent destruction of our country. They have rules to fight their own kin. Not help. Araia cares for you.


Propaganda video:

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