5 Ingenious Google Searching Tricks

Use Conjunctions for more precise searching

Using OR gives Google a choice of what to look for. The conjunction AND will make Google only search for items with both present. Note: Conjuctions must be all CAPS

Ask Normal Questions

Using Google's new natural language processor it can interpret normal questions. So sometimes all you have to do is ask

Find Files

The "filetype:" operator looks for particular kinds of files and "site:" can restrict searches to particular domains. Use both, add "confidential" and you can look for, say, Excel spreadsheets in the UK with the word "confidential" in them

Interesting Things about Travel Destinations

When you search for places that means you can get more information than just a dry Wikipedia entry. Search "*CITYNAME attractions" for thumbnails showing points of interest

Searching Within Specific Numbers

If you're looking for something within a numeric range, such as products between two prices or events between two dates, you can restrict Google's search to a specific number range by using two dots, such as: "1914..1918" or "$250..$350".

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