BY: Dayzia Howard

CoCo Chanel was born August 19,1883 in France and died January 10,1971. And did different designs, suits, and little black dresses. She was also raise in an orphanage by nuns and was taught to sew. And she also did sewing.

  1. Coco Chanel real name was Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel. Her hometown was in Saumur, France. Her mother name is Eugenie Jeanne Devolle she died when Coco Chanel was only 12 years old and she died of bronchitis. She also had a father (Name unknown). Her dad which had a job as a peddler sent her to an orphanage. Where the nuns taught her who to sew.
  2. She had a brief career singing she did singing in clubs. Thats where they nickname her "CoCo". By the age of 20 Chanel became involved with Etienne Balsan who help her start her own fashion. Where she open her own shop in 1910. The in the 1920's she open up her first bottle of Chanel No.5

CoCo Chanel

CoCo Chanel french fashion designer and founder of "House of Chanel". She was taught 6 days a week and she went to school. She was a basic "Seamstress" as her education. Her love life she was as " single" but was in a two decade relationship.

Some of her quotes

" A girl should be two things: Classy and fabulous"

" The best things in life are free 2nd best are very expensive"

CoCo Chanel

In this picture above she had friends most of them was models. "Ghislaine Arsac, Marie-Helene Arnaud, Suzy Parker, Paule Pizzo, and MiMi D'Ardangues"

Some Interest facts about Coco Chanel

She had an affair with nazi officer

Her favorite number is 5

She live in a hotel for 30 years

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