Brandon Ralph McBride -  Certified Safety Professional

Brandon Ralph McBride is a biotechnology consultant with a rapidly growing Las Vegas firm called Middle Ground Consulting. He has been with Middle Ground since 2011 and says that he is happy with his job, which allows him to use his expertise in chemistry and the sciences, with his marketing degree. The work is never dull, and he says that without even trying he has found his true vocation in life.

But it wasn't always like that. He had trouble finding work right out of college, when the economy was still suffering, and he lived with his parents for nearly two years after graduating. He spent some of that time installing solar energy systems with a small solar power company. He also found the time to become a Certified Safety Professional.

Brandon Ralph McBride earned that certification at the suggestion of a friend, and thought it might be a good way to enhance his résumé. A Certified Safety Professional, he learned, is someone who assesses potential hazards and develops systems and strategies to counter them, thereby minimizing the risk of accidents that could harm people, property, and the environment. He worked for about six months at a Las Vegas factory he declines to identify before he found his current job with Middle Ground Consulting. He says that the Certified Safety Professional experience was a good one that enabled him to use both his scientific knowledge and common sense in assessing worksites and potential hazards.

Brandon Ralph McBride is a graduate of the University of Nevada at Las Vegas, where he earned degrees in chemistry and marketing.