Focus on office interior design trends 2013

Many entrepreneurs attach great importance to design office, office interior design trends 2013 is a tricky business, it requires must be effective and cost-effective, and need to create a unique, engaging experience. In order to adapt to the development of the enterprise, the design must be regularly adjusted, reflect the current customers. Fortunately, some of the design of the modern trend is to help them stay flexible.

1. The deep tonal

Reflect the inner beauty of nature, cryogenic tonal it is office interior design trends of 2013. Use charcoal and gray, slightly green. Ivory, stone, and balance the beige combines them. Some don't match tiles add red or bright splash of color can make visual effect more prominent.

2. Super size and geometric patterns

The design of the small-scale hotels across the country and the floor of the hospital changes cannot be used. Customers prefer the dramatic, large-scale, the floor of the geometric patterns. Office interior design trends more 2013 conspicuous, help enterprises to create performance, expressing individuality is impressive.

3. The form function

Form used to be the primary factors influencing the decision to buy office furniture.However, with the increasing focus on the human body engineering design, in the modern workplace furniture need to be comfortable and cost effective. We are in office, interior design trends in 2013 would prefer to see additional functionality, such as the adjustable arm and head seat by in the office, and standing on a high desk.In addition, consumers are found some of the more durable commercial furniture. They through the introduction of more durable material, such as wood rustic, metal surface treatment, toughened glass, to reflect they are changing.

4. The new combination

In office interior design trends 2013, stylist to throw out clearly formulation design theme, carry out a variety of unexpected eccentric touches, make each space is unique. Does not match the floor tile of, for example, even though it sounds strange, if we can arrange the right way, they will become very novelty.

5. The design of the dual purpose

Constantly looking for new ways to save cost, office interior design trends 2013 is also one of their goals. So, design of multipurpose provides enterprises with good ideas. Double with office furniture designers and companies like objects, they can produce a variety of changes, adapt to a variety of workplace.

6.Ecological building

As companies become more and more big, under the pressure of the office interior design trends 2013 to meet the social obligation, is to promote eco-friendly business design of drive. Although the use of glass has been widely considered to be a sign of low energy efficiency, consider installing photovoltaic glass, its next generation of solar cells on the surface of the directly incorporated into the window. This makes the kilowatt-hour weaken the design characteristics of begin to generate your own energy.

7. Collaboration

In an age of increasing interaction and communication, modern workers are more willing to work under the natural light. Office interior design trends 2013 is working toward a more way to change its internal design layout to create a more open workspace. Separate desk low or use transparent panel, use circulation workstation promote increase communication and knowledge transfer. Of course, it is impossible for most commercial property or the actual comprehensive renovation on a regular basis.

On the contrary,office interior design trends 2013 -

emphases is to make small changes - in furniture decoration or the transition of the new coat of paint - can make all the difference didn't break the bank.

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