Capital: Beijing

Population: 1,367,640,000

Leader: Xi Jingping

Government: Communist

Economy: Socialist 1 Party

Currency: Renminbi

Official Language: Chinese

Literecy Rate: 95

Life Expectancy Male: 74 Female: 77

GDP Per Capita: 6807.43

GDP Rank to the World: 82

Current Event: The Mayor promied a NFTZ by Sunday

Country Successful?: No because they are a 1 Party state

Company: Apple

They could improve by: No Dictator, Not be Communist

Things to do in China/History in China

Great Wall of China, Terricota Army, Kunlun Mountains

Buliding of Hong Kong in 1898, Xi Jingping became leader in 2007, Great Wall of China was built in 476BC

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