Appalachian Region

Why the Appalachian Mountains?

Many businesses and attractions take place around scenic areas and parts of Canada and the Appalachian Mountains are a prospect for both tourist and business opportunities. The mountain range and the vast array of seafood may already be enough to want to visit this region. Here is what else we have in store.

Our Plan

The Appalachian Mountains have an environment for both tourist and business ventures...why not combine both. We have the opportunity to open hiking trips with scenic views that people want to experience first hand. Stunning views attract people from all over. Hiking and camping are two things that really express the beauty of this landscape.

Camping spots and hiking tours located at "Park de Gaspesie"would use the great climate to its max. Hiking tours would have GUIDES who know the area very well take you on a tour of breath taking views. Camping offers the amazing scenery through day and night. A fun experience for the family and also for friends looking for adventure. With these two ventures included are trips to local waters for fishing. These outings, which are found in our travel package, are paid for to experience things that not everyone is privileged or simply does not have the opportunity to do.  

How is the Land?

This is definitely something we looked into. The land contains a plethora of fertile soil. It is very mountainous, with flat topped mountains. These mountains have been carved by glaciers over long periods of time. Also, the rivers have deep grooves as they too have been carved by glaciers. The land is full of vegetation, mainly forests. This region is very green, making it as stunning as it is, and amazing to look at.

What's There to do?

The inhabitants of this region definitely know whats good to do and whats not. The various recreational activities done by these inhabitants proves my point. The list of many things includes: whale watching, hunting, hiking, visiting historical sites and fishing. Most of these things are  included in our travel package.


The climate in the Appalachian region is cold and wet for the most part.  In the summers it's not humid, which makes hiking and camping even better. but, as global warming is definitely a big factor in climate, in the future the climate will only get warmer and warmer. This benefits this business plan as the warmer the weather, the more people come out to hike and go camping. The amount of precipitation will also decrease in the future due to global warming, this lengthens the amount of months that people can come out and use our services in the Appalachian region.


The rocks that make up the Appalachian Mountains are sedimentary and volcanic. Over time, tectonic plates that pushed together formed the mountains that we know. Weathering of the rock causes some of the ranges to be more flat topped.

Natural Disaster

This region lies quite far away from the edge of the North American tectonic plate. However many miniscule earthquakes due occur far in the ocean, in the area. These are around 2.0 magnitude and do not cause harm to its surroundings. At most this location may have a risk of high tide. The business will continue to operate without any problems or worries of natural disaster. To further expand there have been predictions that a tornado may appear every 2-3 years. If so, the business will remain up and running as these tornadoes are F0 and are not to panic about but still to consider safety regulations . Also hurricanes form in warmer more tropical waters. Once again at most, we may receive heavy rainfall from a passing hurricane if any. In the end, hiking and camping will continue to happen in the warmer days.

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