The Evolution of Communist Theory and Practice


Marx's view on communism was that the people needed to guide themselves; lead themselves and create their own future. He believed that the revolution to start this idea would be spontaneous while people later in the future thought it needed planning. he believed that the proletariat would lead this revolution and the future would end with a dictatorship of the proletariat.


Russia had just gone through a civil war and the country was ruined economically. Lenin created the New Economic Policy to resolve these issues. Lenin used a combination of Capitalism and communism for his policy. He redistributed land to the peasants and let them sell their surplus crops instead of having to forfeit it over to the government. He allowed a few private businesses to be run. He also renamed the country and created the new emblem of a hammer and sickle within a red star.

His views of communism were different from Marx's in that Lenin mixed capitalism in with communism by letting small private businesses run while Marx didn't want capitalism within. Their views were same in which they both wanted the peasants to be more equal to the community; not to be excluded.


Mao Zedong's views on communism were that they must rid the country of old customs and start the country in a new age. He believed that the revolution would happen in a rural area and that it will be lead by the peasants and not the proletariat like Marx and Lenin believed. He wanted to rid China of foreign control, promote deomocracy, and ensure economic security.


Italy and Germany at this point in history are both led by fascist leaders who are Mussolini and Hitler. Mussolini was the creator of fascism and was later followed by Hitler. fascism is a practice in which a dictator rules, there is extreme nationalism, military dominance, etc. These ideas of fascism went against the ideas within communism. That led to these two countries to dislike communism.


Today is still as a matter of fact a communist country. Years prior this country was a monarchy country, but when Lenin stepped in, he turned the country into a communistic society and it remains like that to this day.


I do not think that communism is the better system because there are some factors that cannot flourish because of this system. Many countries will abandon the idea of communism but there may be those who decide to keep it

Alejandro Barajas

Period 3


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