Cowboys and Legends of the Old West

Dutch Henry  

Henry Borne, well known as Dutch Henry, was born on July 2, 1849 and died January 10, 1921.  He suffered from pneumonia. Dutch was an outlaw, he was one if not the most wanted.  He was known as being a horse thief. He was arrested and sentenced to prison for stealing twenty mules from the government, but escaped three months after.   Before he became a cowboy he first worked as a lumberjack.  He was apart of the Seventh Cavalry but quite in the late 1860's . He married Ida Dillabaugh and fathered four children.  

Elia Watson
"Cattle Kate"

Ellen Liddy Watson was born July 2, 1861 and died July 20, 1889.  She was hung for the crimes she committed. She became known for Pioneer of Wyoming, and accused of cattle rustling by powerful cattlemen.  The myth is said to believe they her and her husband worked hand and hand in the crimes and that she was a prostitute and her husband was her pimp.   But there wee no i witness to prove wether such a statement was true or not.  She had a Husband named Jim Averell and one son.


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