Feelings in Photos

By: Ryan and Elise

Our project was mood and emotion in photography. Andy Long stated in his article that, "I look through the viewfinder, and a feeling comes over me. I know the setting is right, and the image oozes with mood. There‚Äôs something about what I see that has an effect I know will be well received when others and I look at the resulting image."  Mood and emotion are easily seen in photos. How do you feel when you look at them? Sad? Happy? This is the mood of the photo, and you may not know this, but the photographer probably intended for you to feel this way. As you look at the photos below, think about how you feel when you look at them. That's the mood, and think about if the photo was taken that way for a reason. What is that reason, if there is one?


What better photo to show emotion is one of someone laughing? It's obvious why we chose this, because it not only shows the mother smiling, but the baby is yawning. You get the feel of the photo, and that's why we chose it.


This photo is one we chose because it's obviously very peaceful where the subject is. The light reflecting off the clear water makes it extremely serene.


Everyone feels it at some point in their life, and no one likes it. Sadness is an emotion which people try to avoid, but is ultimately inevitable. In the picture, a young boy cries on his fathers shoulder, and the tears in his eyes yield his sadness, so we chose this photo for our project.


This poor owner cannot afford to pay for his dog after he was taken away from him by the pound. The fine is $40o, and the man doesn't have enough money, so he weeps in front of his dogs cage.


You know when you look at this picture, that the man is in a silent and serene place. He is the only one walking down an abandoned dirt road, so you can conclude that it's peaceful, so we used this photo to show that sometimes a photo feels a certain way without an up close subject.


This young boy and his dog best friend gazing down the dirt path. This shows a sense of companionship and serenity as they stand alone.  


Everyone knows laughter is the best medicine, and in this photo, there's two children playing. One child is moving around the tree trunk, and another is caught mid-laugh. We chose this to show how much a photo can convey.

Unexpected Shock

We chose this photo, and the emotion we thought it portrayed, because the subject has her hand by her face, and we think she's shocked because of our knowledge of body language. We associate putting your head in your hands with sadness that we thought would come with an unexpected and unpleasant shock.


The photo shows a young dog with two prosthetic front legs running in the yard. We chose this because when we saw it, we had the feeling of hope, that the dog was going to be okay and be happy for a long time. He/She has her tongue hanging out, which we thought showed she was happy, and we thought the photo as a whole felt very hopeful.


This is a photo of a man seeing his bride for the first time. His face betrays his joy and pleasant shock, and we thought the photo felt very exciting and romantic, so we chose it.


This is a sweet photo of a legally blind mother holding her newborn baby while wearing vision enhancing glasses so she can see her newborn. This photo is overall optimistic and full of hope, so we chose it. This is unique, though, because upon seeing it, you don't have an immediate feeling of optimism. You have to read the description and know what's going on to be able to appreciate it, but we still thought it deserved a place in emotion and mood.


This young girl seems to be elated by an unexpected surprise. A wave of joy and shock have rushed over her face. We chose this photo because it shows happiness and that's a recognizable emotion.