Timothy & Keisha-Ann are getting married

Save the date: Sept. 28, 2013

Our long story short.

We met at church. we were both volunteering for an event. He asked my Mom about me. She told me after the event was over. I saw him a couple of Sundays after I approached him and asked for the number. We talked that Sunday evening our first date was the next day. It was all good after that.

The proposal.

The proposal was June 10th 2013. He wanted to pick me up after work so we could chill while we watch his son practice. That was cool with me but it was unusual. I went with him, afterwards he said he was hungry and asked for suggestions for where to eat. I am thinking fast food. Instead he suggested that we eat at the very same place we did for our first date. Again that was unusual but I went along. We ate and talked. It was time to go home. He walked me up and and came in. I was like "ok then" I went to the other room to check on my mom. when I came back he was on his knees

Going to the chapel...

Please save the date: Timothy Butts Sr. and Keisha-Ann Graham are getting hitched on Saturday, Sept. 28, 2013. We'll be in touch soon to provide more details.

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