Around the world

People ask me what it's like to travel outside of the U.S.A.
I say it's many things.

Germany, a place of development.
Business, everywhere.
Big buildings.
The weather is freezing in winter, but bliss in summer.

England, a place of diversity.
You feel it's history all around you.
It ranges from big cities, to silent countrysides.
There are many different people, who will show you the humanity of this country.

Jamaica, a place of satisfaction
Beaches that calm your mood.
Open markets that express the culture.
Food that will change your ideas of the world.

Australia, a place of relaxation
Fresh air that calmly soothes you.
Calm people that will shift your personality.
Cities with an unnatural sense of welcoming that will refresh your perspective.

Last, but not least; Barbados, a place of friendliness.
A small island where you can easily make friends.
Caves and mountains to explore.
People that treat you like family.
Amazing oceans to dive into.