What can you learn about Similarity & Transformations?

By: Amber Michelle Barrington/Smith 3rd

Similarities & Transformations

      When you are trying to figure out if an object is similar, you must first know the meaning of similar. If something is similar that means that it will have the same shape, but not the same size. When finding similarity between shapes, you are seeing if the second object is the similar after a limited amount of transformations. The word transformations means in which we have an object that has moved from a preimage to an image. Here are some examples:

You see how the top green triangle is smaller than the bottom green triangle, those triangles have been dilated. Which means they are similar.

You are  also determine if the two objects are similar by finding the ratio.

Here is an example:

If two pairs of sides are not the same with the other pair then the object is not similar.

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