• Continent- Africa
  • Exports- Crude Petroleum (88%), Petroleum gas (6.6%), Refined Petroleum (4.6%),Iron Reductions (0.15%), and Gold (0.11%)
  • Imports- Refined Petroleum (17%), Cars (6.8%), Wheat (2.6%), Packaged Medicaments (2.0%), and Other Furniture (1.9%)
  • Electricity Voltage- 127V
  • National Anthem-

Libya, Libya, Libya!


O my country,

O my country,

With my struggle and gladiatorial patience,

Drive off all enemies' plots and mishaps

Be saved, be saved, be saved, be saved all the way

We are your sacrifices

Libya, Libya, Libya!

O my country, You're the heritage of my ancestors

May Allah not bless any hand that tries to harm you

Be saved, we are for ever your soldiers. No matter the death toll if you've been saved

Take from us the most credential oaths, we won't let you down, Libya

We will never be enchained again

We are free and have freed our homeland

Libya, Libya, Libya!


Our grandfathers stripped a fine determination when the call for struggle was made

They marched carrying Qur'an in one hand,

and their weapons by the other hand

The universe is then full of faith and purity

The world is then a place of goodness and godliness

Eternity is for our grandfathers

They have honored this homeland

Libya, Libya, Libya!


Extend on Iris the honor, the descendant of the conqueror

He is the symbol of struggle and Jihad

He raises our flag high

And we follow him, freeing our homeland,

He allows praise of his throne

And raises hope for Libya in heaven,

A free flag

Over a rich country,

Libya, Libya, Libya.

O son of Libya, O son of lions of the wild

We're for honour and the honours are for us

Since the time of us being honoured, people thanked our generosity and honourableness

May Allah bless our Independence

O Libyans, seek the dizzy heights as a position in mankind

Our cubs, be prepared for the foreseen battles

Our youths, to prevail

Life is only a struggle for homeland

Libya, Libya, Libya!

  • Currency- Dinar
  • Exchange Rate- .81
  • Cost of things- Rent: $19.69 a month - Groceries- $58.17
  • Religions- Damah- 60.2% - Benghazi- 23.9% - Sirt- 5.7% - Ajdabiya- 4.5

% - Misratah- 3.4% - other - 2.3%

  • People groups- Berbers - Libyan Jews - Romanians - Tuareg
  • Languages- Arabic - Nafusi - Zuwara - Ghadames - Awjilah - Sawka - Tamahah
  • Best time to travel- November to may
  • Shots- Yellow Fever - Tetanus - Diphtheria - Pertussis - Measles - Mumps - Rubella - Polio
  • Where to get shots- Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Natural hazards- hot, dry, dust-laden ghibli is a southern wind lasting one to four days in spring and fall; dust storms, sandstorms
  • Full country name- Libya
  • Type of government- Parliamentary republic, Provisional government
  • Area- 679,400 square miles
  • Population- 6.155 million (2012)
  • Capitol City- Tripoli
  • Time- Eastern European Time Zone
  • Foods- Fried fish with mashed potato filling(mbatan Kawali) - Libyan soup with lamb and mint(sharba libiya) - Libyan couscous with fish(kusksi bil hoot) - Libyan doughnuts(sfinz)
  • Climate- Mediterranean - Saharan
  • Life expectancy- Female- 80 years - Male- 75 years
  • Per Ca-pita income- $11,300

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