The Kiva Experience

Hi. My name is Alex and I have been doing the kiva project for a few months. We started out with making advertisements to promote Kiva and try to convince people to lend to a specific country. My group chose to promote Bolivia. Now we are working on asking for loans from the teachers and staff and with that loan sell products to raise money for Kiva. After every month we pay back a little bit of our loan. My group ordered foam sports balls we thought this was a good idea because from prior knowledge lower school students love focus objects and these aren't just focus objects these can be used during recess or snack just for fun.

When doing the Kiva project a Global Competence that resinated with me was Coping and Resiliency this was important to me because at the beginning of the month when we were getting our loans fulfilled I didn't think that we would get fully funded because other groups  and it was hard to work productively when you think that you aren't going to get fully funded. So we had to be resilient and keep our hopes up so that we could be productive and not give up.

I think and important skill to posses when working with a group is problem solving I think this is very important because if a group isn't getting along and can't make decisions the group won't be efficient and succesful.

Something I am proud of about my group is that I think that we have been efficient and been able to make decision without wasting time arguing and debating with each other. Another thing I am proud of my group for is that even though we haven't been doing the best we have been resilient and kept our heads up.

My experience of being a borrower is hard because I am always worried that were not gonna make enough profit to pay back. But I just had a successful sale so I am excited for what the future holds.

Decisions Are The Hardest Thing To Make, Especially When It Is A Choice Between Where you should be and where you want to be.


A Global competence that resinates with me is Coping and Resiliency because recently most of the kiva groups are coming in to pretty large sums of money from the fidget spinners. This is hard for our group because we didn't get a sale off before they came because of a miscommunication based on who was going to send out the email. Now our group needs to be resilient and cope with our mistakes because we need to sell out this sale if we want to reach our goal of 6 loans.