Cynthia with blue eye's and brown hair.

Cynthia of the broken home and dirty clothes.

Cynthia whose parents don't care about what she looks like.

Is embarassing and different.

Talks to no one because she has no friends.

Eats by herself because no one wants to sit with her.

Walks by herself in the hallways .

Tries her hardest to fit in.

Tries her hardest to stay out of trouble.


Walks around.

Smelling like dirty clothes.

Cynthias home

Has rats

She doesn't want people to come over because its infested with rats.


Embarrassed of how she lives.

insecure about herself and what she looks like.

Hateful because of the things that she has been through.

Scared that people will judge her.

Mean to other people to be protective of herself.

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