BRIGHTON Beach Memories

The great depression

The Great Depression star  in (1929-39)                                                                               In 1933 13 to 15 million Americans were unemployed and half of the country’s banks had failed.The economy would not fully turn around until after 1939, when World War II kicked American industry into high gear.A record 12.9 million shares were traded that day, known as “Black Thursday"In the fall of 1930, the first of four waves of banking panics began, as large numbers of investors lost confidence in the solvency of their banks and demanded deposits in cash, forcing banks to liquidate loans in order to supplement their insufficient cash reserves on hand.


              Colleges in the 1930's
                 College of Forestry

The school tuition was $90 for tuition.                                                                                  At that time the materials where $60 for books and paper.Board and room at the dorm was $27 a month, but one could find private homes for $20 to $25 a month rental.    

Prices where different from now to 1930's. Not to many people went to college back then.College offers private rooms but you need to pay more.

Mascot of the college was the Boomer the Bear

The cost of gas was 17 cents per gallon,the price of the food was, Peanut Butter was 23 cents a quart 1932, Soap was 6 cents a bar 1932, Sugar was $1.25 per 25LB Sack 1932, pork and beans were 5 cents a can 1932, oranges 14 for 25 cents 1932, Chuck Roast was 15 cents per pound 1932, 3 pounds of sweet potatoes were 15 cents, Porterhouse steak was 19 cents a pound 1932, white Potatoes were 19 cents for 10LBs 1932, tooth paste was 27 cents 1933 and etc, the cost of a new car was from $600.00, the price of a new house was from $3,845.00 up

stan letter


I'm so sorry for i did to you.Sorry if i was never respectful with you and for the thinks that i did to make you mad with me,this would never happen again.

I would be a better person with you and i would change my self to a better person.If you give me the work back i promise that i would be more responsible

if i get the work back you would never be mad again with me.

                   Broadway Show

Fuerza Bruta is the broadway show.

Tickets for $120.15                                                                                          

Celebrating 10 years worldwide, Fuerza Bruta is an uninhibited and unforgettable show you have to see to believe! This theatrical thrill ride combines euphoria-inducing live music and breathtaking aerial displays in a performance that’s as exhilarating as it is addictive.

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