The Atmosphere By Alex P 7

The atmosphere is very important without it we would die so here are the things the atmosphere does for us.

1.When you go through the the atmosphere the temperature changes on the troposphere its gets colder as you go higher ,in the stratosphere it gets warmer, in the mesosphere its gets colder,and finally in the Thermosphere it gets  really hot.

2.Some reasons what the atmosphere could do is protects us from the suns solar rays but it keeps some sunlight in to keeps us warm,and our atmosphere keeps in gases we need inside the troposphere to live, and last our atmosphere protects us from meteorites from hitting land.

3.What would happen if we had no atmosphere, here's what would happen we would not be able to breathe because all the gases we need to live will fly away, and we would burn  to death because of the suns solar rays.

4.Now I am going to talk about the greenhouse gases a greenhouse gas is is a gas in our atmosphere that absorbs and it emits radiation in the thermal infrared range. Some gases in our atmosphere are water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide,and ozone.

5.Lastly were are going to talk about all four of our layers of the atmosphere . The troposphere is 1 layer in the atmosphere this is were weather forms and were we live.And also contains 90% of the mass in the troposphere.

6.The 2nd layer of the atmosphere is stratosphere this layer is an ozone layer and takes in heat from the sun.The top of the stratosphere occurs at 50 km ( 31 miles ) altitude.The bottom of the stratosphere is around 16 km ( 10 miles or 53,000 feet).

7.The 3rd layer of the atmosphere is mesosphere it protects us from meteors.The mesosphere is located about 50 to 85 kilometers (30 to 50) above the earths surface.In the mesosphere temperature decreases with increasing height.

8.And finally the last layer in the atmosphere is thermosphere.Thermosphere is in the hottest layer in our atmosphere.The pressure decreases there (lowest).And last the northern lights happen here and the auroras to.

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