Civil rights

Ruby: Hey my name is Ruby

Charles: Nice to meet you my name is Charles .

Ruby: How old are you ?

Charles: I'm 68 years old , how old are you ?

Ruby: I am 59 years old. When were you born?

Charles: I was born on June 3, 1945 in Washington D.C , when were you born ?

Ruby: I was born on September 8,1954 in Tylertown , Mississippi .

Charles : I lived in Washington D.C during the civil rights movements . Where did you live during the civil rights movements ?

Ruby : I lived in Tylertown ,Mississippi , I was one of the civil rights activist. I was the first African american to go to a white school. Me and some other kids took a test and i passed to go to a white school.

Charles : The part I played in was being the first African American surgeon .

Ruby : My family was working and fighting for freedom during the civil right movement.

Charles: My family wasn't part of the civil right movement . What did you do during the civil rights movement ?

Ruby: My part was a little easy because I was protected by marshals and I had prayed over the angry mob as I walked pass them to school. I learned that you see by heart not by color when I was in first grade. It was sad to see a lot of people calling me names and being rude to me , but I never gave up. Finally, some kids came to school with me and I definitely had fun in class.

Charles: During my life it was kinda hard and it was very sad and disappointed by the people who have been hurt and being rude to but they never gave up I never gave up either so I agree with you about your opinion .

Ruby: I understand and it was nice meeting you .

Charles: Nice meeting you too.

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