Zero Conditional

1. If you heat ice, it melts.

2. If there is a shortage of any product, prices of that product go up.

3. My parents get angry if I come home late.

4. If people eat too much, they get fat.

5. Water boils when itreaches 100°C.

First Conditional

1. If you try very hard, you'll see the difference.

2. If you go to England, you will improve your English.

3. John will be late, if you don't lend him your car.

4. I'll tell him if I see him.

5. If I find his number, I will call him.

Second conditional

1. If I had enough money, I would buy a new computer.

2. If I lived in New York, I wouldn't have to commute there each day.

3. If you didn't hurry so much, you would feel more relaxed.

4. If I saw a zombie, I would run as fast as I could.

5. If you tried again, you would succeed.

Third Conditional

1. If the rescue crew had found him earlier, they could have saved his life.

2. If I had asked him, he would have helped me.

3. If I had had any money I would have been watching the film with my girlfriend that evening.

4. If you had spoken to my mother, she would have told you where I was.

5. If I hadn't missed the train, I wouldn't have been late for the meeting.

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