A Hero's Journey

Joseph Campbell identified 17 stages in a hero's journey. I will identify the stages in the movie Wreck It Ralph


Home/ Culture

In the game Fix It Felix Jr., Ralph is posed as the villain in the game. The way he lives everyday is to wreck the nicelanders' apartment and Felix has to fix it. At the end of the game he gets thrown off the top of the building and falls into the pile of mud towards the right of the building. At the end of the day when the arcade has closed, he returns to his pile of bricks that he calls home. That home is also the city dump to the nicelanders as well.

Call to Adventure

In the scene at the 30th anniversary party, one of the nicelanders brought cake to celebrate and each of the apartments was the nicelanders' favorite flavor of cake. Everyone was on the top of the building while Ralph was at the bottom in the mud. Ralph was there so he decided to bring up that he wanted to be on the top with the others. So he put his figure on the top with everyone else and put Felix's on the bottom. He even removed the medal from Felix and put it on himself. Gene was upset at the idea and said to Ralph he can't earn a medal. Medals were only for heroes and Ralph will never get one. That set Ralph off and he said he will get a medal no matter what it takes.

Refused to Call of Adventure

Ralph had went to go meet up at a villain's convention called Bad-Anon where the villains of different video games came together to discuss.

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