Muslim Empire

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Information of Muslim Empire

The Muslim Empire was built around the 6th century. The Empire continued until 1099 A.D. This empire was one of the longest lasting Empires in it's day. The Empire started by the Religion of Islam. The leader at the time was Muhammad.

How it Spread!

The Muslim Empire expanded from "Out of Mecca, East to India, West across North Africa and on in Spain. There expansion went very fast. Most of it happened by Military Conquest and it only took 100 years to expand there empire. The Muslims were great in battle and they believed they would go directly to Heaven. This was called Jihad which meant Holy War. When they took over many cities and cultures they were one of the nicer Empires when it came to converting them. They treated them fairly. The Battle of Tours in 732 A.D. was when the French Christians, under the leader Charles Martel, defeated the Muslims and stopped there expansion into Europe. If we never won, we right now would be studying in Muslim. The Muslim had a great 200 years, also called the Golden Age which went from 700-900 A.D.

Contributions of Muslim Empire

The Muslim Empire had many great contributions during there time as an Empire. First they continued the Gupta way of math and they also spread Algebra and Trigonometry. Also they used Astronomy which they learned from Greek ideas and they studied stars, which then lead to the astronomical table. They also contributed medicine. For example they created hospitals and they wrote a medical text. Also doctors were required to pass an exam to practice in Medicine. They Muslim also followed in the Islamic Law which was based on Islamic religion which was the Qur'an. This became the basis for political laws in there empire. They also followed in the Byzantine's Architecture which they used and also made a new Indian style. They also contributed into banking. They used a type of "Money." They also allowed credit which was starting to be used. The Muslim Empire Preserved the Greek and Roman Cultures. They continued the Byzantine type of Architecture and the Islamic Law and also continued the Gupta Empire's type of Math and other cultures.

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