Frank Eaton

Frank Eaton, with his childhood name Frank Boardman was born on October 26, 1860 in Harford, Connecticut. When Eaton was eight years old his father was gunned down and shot by a vigilante in a cold blood. At the age of fifteen, before settling into his fathers death, he decided to visit Fort Gibision, Oklahoma. After many competitions, the Fort commanding officer, colonel commander, gave Frank a marks men badge and a new nickname. From that day forward Frank would be known as "Pistol Pate". In 1893 he married a woman named Orpha Miller of Catharine, Oklahoma and the couple had two children. She died of lung disease seven years into the marriage. He remarried on December, 1902 to a woman named Anna Silica and the couple would eventually have another eight children. During his lifetime he married twice, had ten children, 31 grandchildren and several great grandchildren. Eaton died on April 8,1958 at 97 years of age. In March, 1997 he posthumously received the Prestigious Directors Award and now his picture in hung in the National cowboy hall of fame.

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                                                                     Bat Masterson

Bartholomew Masterson also known as Bat Masterson was born on November 26, 1853 in a town called Henryville in the east of Canada. His father (Thomas Masterson) born of an irish family  , and mother (Catherine McGurk) born in Ireland. He was the second child in a family of five brothers and sisters. In his late teens he and his two brothers Ed Masterson and James Masterson left their families farm to become buffalo hunters.  After traveling with his brother he then took part in the Battle of Adobe Walls in Texas. He then Spent time serving as a Army Scout in a campaign against the Kiowa and Comanche indians.  Bat Masterson was a buffalo hunter, Army Scout, Gunfighter and also a lawman.  His first gunfight took place in Sweetwater, Texas. He was attacked ny a soldier, Corporal Melvin A. King because of a girl. He joined his brother in Douge city Kansas in 1877 where he served as a sheriff's deputy alongside a man named Wyatt Earp.  Bat was known in a gang of indian fighters known as the Doudge city gang. In 1893 he married Emma Moulton, a singer and juggler that remained with Masterson for the rest of his life. While living and working in New york City , Bat died at age 67 on October 25, 1921. He Collapsed on his desk from a heart attack while penning what is known now as his last column in the New York morning telegraph. His past states say that "He was loved by everyone".

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