DIY Coconut Lip balm

       I love to get crafty sometimes. And when that craft will benefit me I will certainly use it, like a lot. Since it is beginning to get warmer out most people don't want chapped lips. So in this tutorial I will show you how to make coconut lip balm! Eeek! I am sooooo pumped! Alright so let's get started!

Stuff you're gonna need

      So you are going to need some things. I personally don't like going out and wasting money so I made this lip balm using things you can find at home.

  • 2 teaspoons of Coconut Oil
  • A chap stick tube (that is empty and scrolled all the way down)
  • A little bit of chap stick or petroleum jelly ( I would prefer it to be non-scented because the other scents would overpower the coconut scent and you can't smell it)
  • Food grade Flavoring optional just a few drops will work
  • Pot
  • A small bowl
  • Water
  • Any other moisturizers optional (Shea butter, Mango butter, Olive Oil, Vanilla Extract, etc.)
  • A heat source most preferably a stovetop
  • A plastic spoon to mix it with
  • Beeswax optional to help solidify the mixture
  • Small tins or bottle caps if you have any you can use lip balm containers or any containers really
  • Honey optional

Step #1

     This lip balm tutorial is similar to my crayon lipstick tutorial but I will explain it anyways. So what you want to do is in your bowl put in the moisturizers, chap stick, flavoring, beeswax, and coconut oil. NO WATER YET!!!!! Then mix them up until it is a goopy paste or mixture.

Step #2

      Now place the pot over the stove top and fill it with water. Once you have done that carefully put in the bowl but don't let in any of the water, it will mess up the craft completely. The water is there so the mixture won't burn and make a horrid mess. Set the temp. to medium-low and wait until the product becomes a liquid. Mix occasionally so it won't clump together. Now you are on step #3

Step #3

Alright, you are almost done. Once the product is in it's liquid state, carefully pour it into the chap stick tube. Now since that is done, place it into the freezer for about 15 minutes or keep it out in a cool area for 2 hours. Once it has settled you can rip off the label on the tube and make one for yourself so you won't get it mixed up with other chap sticks. That is optional but when it is done hardening you can apply it and clean up the mess you made. So you are done! And if you have any leftovers, which is likely, you can put them in bottle caps or tins. If you don't have any just

Cleaning up your mess before your parents come home

      You've got to hurry now, your parents are coming any moment know and you have to clean up before you fall into the pit of doom. You can pour out the water into a sink and you don't really need to wash the pot but you can if you want. If you used beeswax do this step quick and right away, to clean your bowl first take a paper towel and wipe it clean. Then with some soap and water scrub it good. I like taking the water from the pot and pouring it into the bowl instead of using the tap since it is already warm and good to go. Dry your bowl and then you are done. Wait you made a mess when pouring the mixture into the tube? You are hopeless, *sighs* okay so what you want to do is with a paper towel scrape off the excess and then with a towel soaked with warm water wipe off any chips of the lip balm. You can toss out the spoon and you are done with cleaning!

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2 years ago

So I hope you guys liked this DIY, in comment stream tell me how this went out and how you like it. I really like mine and it is homemade with no money spent. This was a big win-win with me, hope you like it! 💄