Pía Pfannl

1- What did Zeus do to Apollo when he was full grown?

When Apollo was full grown Zeus sent him off in a chariot drawn by swans to win the Oracle Of Delphi for Himself.
2-How did the Oracle Of Delphi become Apollo's?
The Oracle Of Delphi became Apollo's when he destroyed the Dark some Dragon Python. The Oracle had warn the Python that one day Leto's son would destroy him.
3- Who guarded the oracle of Delphi?
The oracle of Delphi was guard by the dark some Dragon Python who lay coiled around the sacred place. Old age had made him mean and ill-tempered that the Nymphs fled from the sacred spring nearby and the birds did no longer sing on the trees.
4-Describe Delphi on the Steep slopes of Mount Parnassus.
Solphurus fumed rose from a deep cleft and the vapors put her into a magic sleep. In her dreams the sibly heard the voice of mother earth. Delphi was the most Sacred place in Greece.

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