From High School To The State House?

The teen who could become the U.S. youngest lawmaker.

Eighteen year old Saira Blaire is running for state house. She is taking on her freshman year at West Virginia University. Saira is campaigning for a seat in the West Virginia legistature for the elections on November 4th . Just before she graduated she won Republican nomination in the her district.

She is setting her eyes on creating new jobs for her community. In other standards the nation has in mind it economy on election day, 44% of the people who surveyed say that the economy is an important issue facing the country. Saira in other words wants to make people say that they need to be more jobs and help other communities.

Saira goes door to door to visit her community to convincing them if she is elected she will create more jobs for her people and her city. Whether she wins or not Blair plans to stay active to help her community .

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