By: Jaxon McCann

Basic Facts

Mexico is huge with a population 109.6 million people. In Mexico they pay with paso. The capital of Mexico is Mexico City. Depending where you are in Mexico they will speak spanish or different languages. Such as Mexico is huge with a population 109.6 million people. In Mexico they speak spanish or other languages  such as Nahuatl, Tzotzil, English, German, or even Arabic.


Famous Places

There are many wonderful places to visit in Mexico one being Playa del Carmen this place is famous because it has a beautiful sea and beach but thats not it. This place has golf and if your more of an animal person they have a zoo with spider monkeys. Another wonderful place ti visit in Mexico is the capital Mexico City its not only the capital it is a history land mark with great museums and preserved artifacts. One more fantastic place to see in Mexico is Tulum is loaded with fun stuff like going to the castle of a descending god or making your way to the shielding wall built long ago.

Local Expressions

If you go to Mexico then you will defiantly hear these expressions.  !Fuchi!- GrossLa Chamba- Work Gringos- Term used to identify usually Americans.

Food and Drink

If you go to Mexico you have to try the dish ceviche witch is a really good sea food dish that is popular in Mexico.  If you don't like that another fantastic food is elote witch is really like corn on the cob spiced up sold on the streets. To wash down all that good food you should try minty mojitos is a really popular drink thats refreshing. Another refreshing drink is a sunset margarita.

Climate Weather

Mexico has mountains, Oceans, and deserts. Mexico is warm there is season they call a time of the year in the south wet season because there is a lot of rain. In the north it is much cooler during the winters and is way more dry.


Tradition Mexican Dance

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Jaxon, I really liked your Tackk. I learned about Mexico, and their different foods that i've never heard of. (By the way its "which" not "witch" smart one :)

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Good info