Career Research Project

Taylor McKean, Actress

Necessary Job Skills

  • Must be able to Read
  • A Flexible schedule is a given
  • One can handle rejection
  • Persistence to move forward

Education Requirements

There are a few choices to getting into the Acting Field:

  • A Bachelor's Degree
  • No Degree, as about 60% of the people currently employed have a High school degree or equivalent of
  • Masters, though used primarily for Acting teachers


Peoria University has a degree available for acting.  

Words to live by: Live like I was going to die tomorrow

  My Dad doesn't believe in God, so he has a very conscious nature about him. He once told me that he was afraid to die and it would keep him up at night. Among other things , he told me to go through life like I was going to die tomorrow. Do everything I could and do what I wanted to do. I love being around him and listening to his advice, but I am still trying to live like that. I think it takes lots of courage and stubbornness, but life is too short to not.

One of My Role Models

My mother is a role model in my life. Aside from her being my mom, I admire a lot of things that she does. I probably won't know the half of what she does for me, or my siblings. That ability to do things and seek no credit or gratification is something I strive to be like. To do something because you know it will help them.

  My mother is also a big believer of K.I.S.S (Keep it simple Stupid)That way there is no one that won't understand her.

There are many ways to become an actor. How to act says, "Go to as many auditions as you can. Build up your resume." This is great advice, but a bit of a no- brain er. Acting is like climbing a ladder, you start from the bottom and try and kick out the competition with you ability and power to awe auditions. After one big break, you will have more experience on your side. Every Actor's dream is to get to be well known and able to get into anything they want!

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