by Sara Straube

Me Make Monster! Customize your own monster. (

This is Afronld, or, as he is known by his English name, Arnold. He is a member of the Intellexi, a species of monster that, unlike those who utilize physical power, uses mental power against its victims. If given enough time to latch onto an individual's mind, it has the ability to tamper with their emotions, thoughts, sight, movement, etc. It can take information from their minds as well as implant whatever it wants in. Basically, it can scramble your mind; make you think up is down and down is up, make you believe things you don't believe, see things you don't really see, do things you would never do. The monster cannot make itself invisible; it can, however, erase the memory of itself from the minds of whoever sees it if it so wishes.

Arnold is not from Earth, or anywhere in this galaxy. He is from a planet approximately 2.5 million lightyears away, in the Andromeda Galaxy. The exact origin of its species is unknown. Some Intellexi believe that they were gifted with their powers to learn from other species and enforce morality throughout the universe. Others, however, believe that they were given their powers to instill fear into other species by enslaving others and ultimately becoming the rulers of all life in existence. These are the real monsters, and they travel throughout the universe looking for intelligent life with minds that they can control and planets that they can rule.

Because of the differing views between the monster species, the good and the evil have taken up residency on two separate planets because they cannot stand to be near each other. The Intellexi who hold the former belief, that they were created for good,  dwell on a planet that looks like this. Their planet is quite similar to Earth in the way it looks, full of life and beauty. The monsters do not live in places so picturesque. The second picture is where the monsters prefer to dwell. On their planet, leaves do not grow on the trees and the grass lies brown and dead. The good creatures do not understand it, but this is the way the monsters prefer to live. They kill any good monsters that try to enter their lands, and there have been multiple wars between good and evil throughout the years.

Me Make Monster! Customize your own monster. (

This particular monster is a typical, 6-foot-five alien/monster. He speaks the language of his people but legend says he can speak all languages of the Earth as well, since he has lived here for about five hundred years. (Needless to say, Arnold has a very long lifespan.) But how did he end up here? Arnold was once one of the bad monsters, but realized that all the feuding between the good and the bad was pointless, because good always prevailed in the end whenever the two sides went to war. He is neither good nor bad now; he will most certainly use his powers if he is threatened or someone makes him angry, but he will not attack without being provoked. He is one of the few members of his species like this, for most of them believe strongly in one opinion or the other. His annoyance with his own species caused him to take up residence on our planet, although he does go home to visit his family and friends every once in a while.

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