Watching the news last night
I almost turned it off
or looked away
like I do most nights

Silence consumed our conversation
nothing seemed appropriate to say
for a while

It makes me think
too much
more than I want to
more than I should have to
but for some reason
I need to know


Why does a person hate someone they've never met?
What makes someone shoot another?
Why do we kill other people?

Because of their race?
Or where they're from?
Because of how much money they have?
Or who they love?
Because of what they believe?
Or don't believe?

Why is there pain?
To bring us back to reality?
To tell us what not to do?
Why, then, do we keep hurting each other?

Why are we here?
Surely it's not to harm
those we should be helping


I don't think anyone
knows the answer
I don't know why
we can't accept each other
for who we are

Note: This video may or may not work on the school computers, and you don't have to watch it.  This song is about World War One, and though my poem isn't entirely about it, it encompasses it. My poem is about whenever and wherever there is discrimination and/or violence. And in case you were wondering, it felt necessary to put that picture at the end because of what it symbolizes: that even though there is still much turmoil, we are beginning to understand each other and there is a bit of hope.

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